There are always two sides of everything...

It's how everything functions in this universe.
We call this duality or the Law of Polarity. The perception of this law is completely different in 5D.
There's a false belief that in 5D we get rid of the contrast, of the dark side. No...
The fifth dimension is not reached by getting rid of one of these sides or in other words, transcending the dark one, because let's face it, that's what most of us want. We think it's painful and evil, misunderstanding its purpose and power.
The fifth dimension is reached when we integrate and master both of the sides.
What does this mean? It means being able to navigate both of these sides of the story, understanding them and without losing our shit and sense of Self all together, discerning what we want best and using duality as a tool, instead of being afraid of it.
It means that we can be present and aware in the dark, as much as we can be in the light.
And even when we lose the presence, we have to know that it is alright, we constantly learn and expand. We will always need some contrast in order to know what to create next.
Our next evolutionary stage, which is the 4D and 5D consciousness awareness will teach us not to be the puppets of limited perception and believes and our human condition anymore, but to be intentional and integrated co-creators, standing in sovereignty and integrity with the whole of what we are, with the Universal Laws, with one another and the entire creation!
Are you ready for it? The best is yet to come!

I wish you Infinite love and a happy new Earth cycle around the magestic sun! 🌍 ☀