These are the main Self-Mastery aspects that I learned so far through direct experience:

  • Self-Mastery is my ability to alchemize my energy in such way that I am consistently letting in the greatest version of myself in every present moment.
  • Self-Mastery for me, requires sensitivity to frequency and sharp understanding of the energy dynamics that play out in front of me in every single now moment so that I can navigate them from integrity, in the most aligned way possible.
  • Self-Mastery is the ability to get out of my own way and surrender when Source, my higher guidance, my galactic team wants to connect and guide me on my journey.
  • And last, Self-Mastery is the ability to discern what parts of me create my perception and reality. Is it my higher self? Is it my old self? Is it other people? Is it patterns and believes or is it my pure heart desires?
This is developed in time of course and it takes devotion to your own evolution, well-being and mission, until it's developed into playfulness, for what is the point of it all if we don't enjoy it!?

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