The Abundance Recipe

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What is the Abundance Recipe?

It is the recipe to embody your Abundant Self, coming to you in a 2 hours video course. You see, we are all born abundant, because the creation itself is abundant. I have a quote that describes this perfectly:

"The universe knows no lack,
only the human mind does."

As we grow up, we are very influenced by our environment. For example, if you grew up in an environment of scarcity, lack, victimhood and so on, as I did, you probably struggled a lot with your finances, with receiving love, with simply feeling that you are worthy of a great life. Of course, abundance doesn't mean money, abundance means so much more. Abundance is the life force energy that flows through us just by being alive, it is our birthright!

Limitation has been taught in our society generation to generation because our awareness of ourselves was rooted in the fear of survival. Nowadays we are experiencing a massive shift. We already see people living prosperous lives by doing what they love, by stepping into their true potential. We are shifting from survival mode to thriving mode.

With us, our educational systems and all our rigid societal structures will expand to this awareness. We played enough the rules of seriousness and we've hidden enough our power and birthright!

I managed to break through those limitations, through the entire conditioning that I had around who I was and what I am capable of. And because of that, I created this life-changing video course, to help those who went through a similar journey and those who are ready to embody their Abundant Self, taking their own lives in their hands and be the creators of their journeys!

This course is structured in two parts:

  • A theoretical part. With a few lectures that teaches you the valuable principles of abundance and how the laws of attraction function.
  • A practical part. Where simple and powerful exercises await you and a quantum guided meditation to completely clear your limited believes and rewire your mind, embodying your abundant Self.

Are you ready for your birthright?

Your Instructor

Alex Buta
Alex Buta
Alex is an ascension mentor & integration coach, and a new Earth Visionary.
He experienced profound awakenings and transformations, and extreme highs and lows during his life that made him break through the limitations of the human mind and realize the multidimensional nature and true potential of what it means to be human.
His mission is to assist the leaders and co-creators of the new Earth in remembering their potential, their wholeness, sovereignty and elevate their consciousness, aligning with their Divine missions and purposes!

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