UNLIMITED is an empowering open discussion group, based on a monthly subscription.

Join Alex and other powerful new Earth missioned beings 4 times per month for 60-90 minutes each time, exploring openly the topics of self-realization, 5D ascension, New Earth mission, leadership, and multidimensional healing with no filter and no limit.

The intention is to support you in making quantum leaps on your evolutionary journey, new Earth mission and 5D consciousness embodiment.


To give you a reference point, these are some of the topics that can be explored in the live sessions:

  • New Earth mission and purpose
  • 5D integration and embodiment
  • DNA reprogramming and light body activation
  • Divine Union and 5D relationships
  • Quantum Laws and Universal Laws
  • Manifestation and Creation
  • Starseed activations and Higher dimensions
  • Multidimensional Healing and grounding


Four 60-90 minutes LIVE video calls every month (1 per week) with Alex and the participants. You will also receive the recording at the end.

Channeled transmissions and activations that will elevate your consciousness and connect you with your Soul and your mission.

Q&A’s with whatever you want to explore and discuss openly around the topics of evolution, self-realization, 5D ascension, New Earth mission, multidimensional healing and more.

Between the live sessions, a support group on Telegram will be available for further integration and exploration. In this group you can also ask your questions, in case you missed the live session.

*The first session will take place once enough people signed-up for the program. The date and time will be agreed upon with all participants.


The live sessions would be every week, flexibly decided depending on the timezone of the participants.

If you miss any live, you will always receive the recording and have the chance to ask your question in the Telegram group as well.

To participate, a monthly subscription is required (333$). The program is available for you as long as you consider it beneficial for your well-being and evolutionary journey.