YES it is and we are about to experience it more and more from now on!

As human beings here on Earth that's something very new. We never experienced life beyond healing and karma. We were born into it since almost always.

It is for the first time in our history that we are ready and able to experience life without healing and karma!

How did we got karma in the first place?

Our collective karma is inherited mostly from some universal and planetary events. The Orion war, the Lyran war, the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria timelines, following the Egypt, Mayan civilizations and so on.

We have transmuted a huge part of these collective memories that we call karma and we are ready in 2021 to truly experience a non-karmic timeline. A life without having something to heal. How about that?

It will take some time to adjust and not all of us will experience this in this current lifetime because even the idea of living without karma, is so new for our psyche, for our consciousness. We are so used to be in the dark, to do healing work, to process our deep conditioning, collective traumas and programming to such degree that we can barely know how to live in complete freedom and entirely responsible for our reality. But we are learning very fast! We start to truly get it that we are creators and we came to create not to just purge and heal.

Now there are children born without karmic lineage and we as their fathers and mothers are able to experience this as well. Life as a human here on Earth is about to take an entire new meaning and purpose.

We are the first human generation to be able to experience life beyond karma. This is huge! This is the 5D and the New Earth. We are doing it