You probably heard a lot from me about integrity lately. Don't worry, this is just starting! 😁
You know why? Because I realized how tremendously important it is to come from integrity whatever we are doing in life. Especially when we are intentional creators.
Everything I ever created that didn't came from integrity, was prone to sabotage and destruction even from the beginning, and I never really saw it coming.
And then I asked myself..."What do I do wrong? I am a powerful creator, why is this thing not actually working?"
Well the answer is clear now. It didn't work because it wasn't coming from full integrity.
It came with influences from others, it came with influences from childhood wounds, or to fulfill a need or an expectation of my ego. It didn't always come fully from reliable Source energy.
Even if it was just 10% out of integrity, that was enough to compromise the whole thing. My Soul can smell the bullshit, it is wise and sensitive. It wants 100% integrity.
When I come from that 100% mountains are moved, miracles show up and the entire existence conspires towards my well-being and expansion in the most magical way.
And you know what's the reality out there?
Many creators don't come from 100% either. They didn't dive into their soul signature or subconscious enough and own their uniqueness, their blessings.
They usually attach to some sort of certification and teaching, and whatever the world says.
Don't get me wrong, sometimes certifications and teachings are useful, they are great tools but not to attach to them but to use them in combination or as extension of your own thing, your own unique codes and offering.
If you are attached to them too much, then don't wonder why you don't manifest the things that you want or why your heart and service business is stagnating or going down.
Ask yourself ultimately if whatever you are doing and creating does come from integrity, from Source, from your own uniqueness or does it come from some sort of expectation and projection?
Trust me, there's nothing more liberating, free of attachment and enjoyable than when you are creating from true integrity!

Are you also feeling this?